Re-creating a classic

To us there is almost nothing more exiting than to check out the finished samples when we try to re-create a classic. Did we get it right, is the fit ok, is the look ok, is it the right fabric. A classic coat is a classic coat only because people have liked to wear it. It has suited their needs, for a long time, and still not lost the look. Classics are so different from fashion.

Below you see the first try on with the fifth sample of the Original English Wax Jacket. You can not see the team, but they are all eagerly talking, discussing, commenting about what we did right, what we need to adjust and so on.

We never get it right on the first try, seldom on the fifth, but eventually we get there and decide: "This is it!" For us that is a moment. A moment to remember. When we get to that moment we cheer, we hug, we celebrate a job well done.

You may ask yourself "How can anyone be so excited about re-creating an old classic coat" The answer is simple. We know you will enjoy our creation for ten to twenty years, so we want you to be happy with it that long!

Enjoy you timeless classics from Sollbury!


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