The Original English Wax Jacket


The Reefer jacket is not just classic because of fashion, it is classic because it is developed from very practical means of keeping people warm and dry.

A more than a hundred years style favored by sailors and later fashion houses has made this legendary jacket a renowned world classic. With the Sollbury Reefer jacket your sure to keep stylishly warm. Excellent to wear either over a formal jacket on your way to a dinner party or over a nice sweater on your Sunday walk. 


The History Behind

The reefer jackets also owe their origins to sailors on ships. Reefer jackets were historically made from a very tough Melton material, which is a woven-twill wool cloth. It is a very dense fabric, which makes it hard wearing, and wind and weather resistant. It was developed originally in a town called Melton Mowbray (where oddly enough, pork pies originated), and got used for heavy thick coats. This appealed to sailors as a means of keeping them warm and dry, and officers used to wear a long coat made with the material, whilst the sailors needed a shorter version to allow them to climb up the rigging to ‘reef’ the sails (reefing is the nautical term for reducing the area of sail by folding or rolling the edge of the canvass in on itself, and hence the person doing the job would be a reefer, and his jacket would be a reefer jacket). Obviously, high up on the rigging, they needed a heavy jacket to protect themselves from the wind and rain.

In USA it is called the Pea Jacket, which is commonly thought to  derive in the  from Dutch pijjekker, from pij ‘coarse cloth’ + jekker ‘jacket’.  The earliest mention of this is around 1720.  So a long history!

Making it a Classic

When fashion houses world wide started making replica Reefer jackets the heavy Melton cloth was exchanged with more comfortable wool mixture. Still tough outer cloth to hold stand agains wear and tear of harsh weather, but the new comfort turned the Reefer into a ever lasting classic favored by metropolitans world wide

The Sollbury Reefer Jacket - always in style

Commonly known as a "Reefer" jacket today it is made from exclusive, comfortable, Italian manufactured fabric of 70% wool and 30% nylon. Lined with classic plain lining of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Double breasted with solid buttons, two front pockets, and an inner pocket with security button. 

Facts about: The Sollbury Reefer Jacket

  • Color: Black

  • Outer fabric: 70% WOOL 30% NYLON

  • Inner fabric: 65% POLYESTER 35 % COTTON

  • 2 large side pockets with studs.

  • 2 nice hand warmer pockets. 

  • Inside pocket with stud

  • Extra: detachable hood

  • Made in England

Women's sizes: 6 8 10 12 14 16 18

  • Unisex

  • Quality and durability

  • Classic and timeless

  • Waterproof/WindproofTil hverdag og fest

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Ideal over a blazer

  • Perfect for bad weather

  • Expected minimum lifetime: 10 year

  • Article no. 1

  • Price  £ 279 / € 319 / $ 349 / Kr. 2990

Men's sizes: XS S M L XL XXL

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