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The Sollbury City Parka Jacket 

The History Behind

We would say, that of all styles of protective coats worn today, the Parka is probably the oldest.  


It originated hundreds of years ago with Caribou Inuit and was originally made of animal skin. The word “parka” simply meant animal skin in an Inuit language. The first written record of the word was in 1625. So this coat has a lot of history!


Its current form first emerged in the 1950s when the USAAF adopted the style in modern materials for use by aircrew in very cold conditions, and it has been a classic coat ever since. 


Our model is based on the fishtail parka used first by the US army in Korea in 1950.  It is called “fishtail” because of the rear extension which soldiers could fold up between their legs to give added protection against cold weather


So when you buy our Parka, you buy a piece of history. A true classic

The Sollbury City Parka Jacket - lasting classic

The fishtail parka has been part of the uniform for 50 years. Made in a traditional green, this version is lightweight, with original parka design details.


Lightweight cotton Fishtail shape Waxed draw-cords Corozo buttons and concealed zip placket Large buttoned flap pockets


Reclaimed from army surplus shops and worn on scooter rides, the parka was originally worn as protection against the elements. Lightweight but tough, the cotton parka is designed with a hood and waxed draw-cords. Adopting the traditional fishtail back and olive green colour, the bronze hardware gives the piece a contemporary feel.

100% Cotton Machine Washable

Facts about: The Sollbury City Parka Jacket

  • Color: Olive

  • Outer fabric: cotton in a silk finish

  • Inner fabric: thin padding

  • 2 side pockets with studs.

  • Inside pocket 

  • Made in England

  • Quality and durability

  • Classic and timeless

  • Waterproof/Windproof

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Ideal over a blazer

  • Perfect for bad weather

  • Expected minimum lifetime: 10 year

  • Article no. 1

  • Price  £ 279 / € 299 / $ 349 / Kr. 2990

Women's sizes:

S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20)

Men's sizes:

S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52)

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